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National Week of Conversation.

A project of Bridge Alliance Education Fund

Thousands of Americans took part in the first National Week of Conversation! More than 130 schools, libraries, faith communities, activist groups and nonprofits hosted conversations coast to coast in 32 states as the #ListenFirst hashtag reached millions.

We are now working to launch an ongoing, monthly National Conversation Project to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time.

See the vision for National Conversation Project and support its launch here!

Tell us how it went! Send your #NWOC stories here.

Revitalizing America— Together.

The last few years have been hard on conversations. 75% of Americans now believe our inability to engage civilly with one another has reached a crisis level. We have not been this divided since the 1850s.  And the way we use technology tends to separate us even more.

The National Week of Conversation is about bringing Americans together to talk it out. Organizations can sign up to partner and host affiliated events (you can even add them to our calendar!). Individuals can sign up to participate both in person and online (individuals are welcome to host their own events too).


It’s easy to participate in the National Week of Conversation. If you’re with an organization, click here to sign up.

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Step One:  Individuals and Organizations, sign up below to participate.
Individuals can take the pledge to listen first and value understanding each other.

find a conversation

Step Two: Use our conversation calendar to search for events to join. You can search by topic, location, and partnered organization.

spread the word

Step Three: You are a part of making NWOC a success. Let your friends and family know, spread the word in your communities, and share on your social media with #NWOC and #ListenFirst.

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or to partner your organization.


Sign Up to be the first to hear about brand-new conversation events and bridging initiatives. RSVP to National Week of Conversation events on our Conversation Calendar.

National Week of Conversation Participants Pledge

"I pledge to listen first to understand and consider another's views before sharing my own. I will prioritize respect and understanding in conversation. And I will encourage others to do the same."


Partner your organization with us to become a part of NWOC. You’ll be listed as a supporting partner and we’ll keep you posted as NWOC grows. In addition to signing up your organization at the form below, add your event to our official calendar.

Organizing Partners

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