Guns and Responsibility

Guns, the second amendment, gun rights, and gun control are topics that often bring forth strong passions and opinions. A conversation that focuses on our own personal experience with guns and how these experiences have shaped our opinions can help us develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding gun ownership. Also see the conversation guides and resources specifically designed for schools, libraries, and faith communities.

Conversation Guides

Some of our organizing partners have prepared materials especially on this topic. Check them out below.

Guns and Responsibility
Living Room Conversations Guide

How Should We Prevent Mass Shootings in our Communities? 
National Issues Forums mini guide


Background on Topic

It can be practically impossible to have a good conversation when we don’t share the same facts or only know one side of the argument. Here are some resources to help you gain a broader perspective and deeper understanding.

Gun Control, Gun Rights and Gun Violence as understood differently across the political spectrum
Balanced Dictionary by AllSides and Red Blue Dictionary
Latest news, content and issue overviews from left, center and right on Guns and Violence in America

More Resources

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