National Day of
Reflection and Action

After the National Week of Conversation – we’re encouraging those who participated to join in a Day of Reflection and Action, to (1) reflect on your conversation(s), (2) tell others about your experience, and (3) think about what other things you might do going forward to bridge divisions in our country.

If you’ve not already done so, please share pictures and a few words about what the experience meant to you on social media @NatlWkOfConvos #NWOC, #ListenFirst.

Join the National Day of Reflection Conference Call!

April 29th - 7pm Eastern

(once registered, the Zoom conference link will be emailed to you)

Join people from around the country who will come together on a Zoom conference call to reflect on our experiences on Sunday, April 29th at 7pm Eastern.

On the call, we will reflect together on some of the questions listed on this page and look together at how we can move forward from this moment to continue to build bridges across our divides and mend America through conversations that start with listening across our differences for understanding.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What did you experience that you’re going to carry forward and keep doing?
  • How might you approach conversations differently after this?
  • What piece of humanity did you find during your conversation?
  • What did you learn about listening to someone with different perspectives than you?
  • Share one thing you learned on social media! #NWOC #ListenFirst

Things you can do going forward:

  • Share a meal with your new or more deeply understood friends to celebrate.
  • Tell a friend about the experience and why it was important to you.
  • Identify another person(s) that you want to have a similar conversation with in the near future. Who does your heart tell you you need to reach out to?
  • Share an article, video, or podcast that showcases people coming together across our differences.
  • Identify an organization you belong to, or one you think might be interested in having a conversation like this (faith, civic, political, work place, school/university), and encourage them to do so!
  • Write a blog post or letter to the editor to share how important the experience was and urge others to do so.
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